Three Palms Restaurant

Three Palms Restaurant (Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa, North Coast Highway, St. James – 24 km. east of Montego Bay) – ideal for those celebrating special occasions, this upscale restaurant serves a variety of seafood dishes – some with Mediterranean influences. Typical dishes here include grouper round down (grouper served with shrimp, squid, and mussels), and pan-seared snapper with beans, rice and fresh vegetables. Reservations are recommended: (876) 953-2650.



Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Blue Hole Mineral Spring (Brighton – 25 minutes from Negril, southwest coast) — Blue Hole Mineral Spring sits beneath a cavernous opening in Jamaica’s terrain and is completely encased by Karst limestone. The naturally occurring minerals in the limestone act as an underground filter for the steady upwelling of water, leaving behind a luxuriously pure bath of minerals for guests to enjoy.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring opens every day at 9:00 am. The mineral spring and swimming pool stay open until dark and the bar does not close until the last guest leaves. Call for more details: (876) 860-8805.

Holiday Shopping Centre

Holiday Shopping Centre (Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort, North Coast Highway, 16 km. east of Montego Bay) – located across from a local resort, this shopping center has various retailers selling jewelry, apparel, and crafts.

Hedonism II

Hedonism II (Superclubs, Norman Manley Blvd., Negril) – yes – for a price (day or night pass for US$100/men, US$50/women), even non-guests can attend the wild & raunchy parties that typically take place here. That price includes all the food & drink you can consume, along with the entertainment. These days, Hedonism II has been responsible for putting the Negril area on the international tourism map.



Ciao Jamaica

Ciao Jamaica (West End Road, Negril Cliffs) – located across from Samsara Hotel in Negril, this restaurant (launched by a New York actress) serves Italian and Jamaican cuisines and exists to lure the all-inclusive vacationers away from their resorts for something different. Items served here range from Jerk Chicken Alfredo, to Reggae Lasagna. That, as well as seafood dishes like the (lightly-spiced) Lobster Diablo and Snapper al Limone. Traditional pizzas and calzones are also served here.



Authorized taxi companies operating on the island

Authorized taxi companies operating on the island include:

Jamaica Exquisite Transfer & Tours: (876) 326-8364
JCAL Taxi: (876) 952-7574
JUTA Taxi: (876) 952-0813
Turner Taxis and Tours Jamaica: (876) 461-7452
Ucal’s Car Rental & Taxi Service: (876) 952-3836



Bob Marley Mausoleum

Bob Marley Mausoleum (Rhoden Hall, Nine Mile, St. Ann’s Bay) — Birthplace and final resting place of Reggae legend, Robert “Bob” Marley. Visit the humble beginnings of this superstar in the hills of St Ann. Visitors can also enter the mausoleum where the singer is interred with his guitar. The site includes a restaurant and gift shop. Chances are, you may meet some of his old friends on your visit. Open Monday – Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Because of the bad roads that lead to this site, vacationers are best advised to take part in a tour booked from their hotel. Call for more details: (876) 995-1763.



Negril – located just over an hour away from Montego Bay International Airport, Negril did not grow in prominence until the 1970s – when it gradually became a popular tourist destination (when road improvements were made between that area and Montego Bay). These days, Negril is the favorite destination for families, honeymooners and spring breakers. Negril’s picturesque coast, lined with towering cliffs and bustling beaches, is home to many world-class all-inclusive resorts, as well as nightlife hotspots.




Walter Fletcher Beach

Walter Fletcher Beach (Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay) – this beach has its own attraction: the Aquasol Theme Park (which has its own beach – complete with lifeguards and security staffers), snorkeling, go-kart racing (US$3 single-seated, US$7 double), tennis courts (US$6/hour), jet skis (US$75/30 minutes), a nighttime skating rink, and a bar & eatery. Admission: US$5 (adult), US$3 (children). Hours: Monday-Thurs. 9 am to 6 pm; Friday-Sunday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. Call for more details: (876) 979-9447


Treasure Hunt Ocho Rios

Treasure Hunt Ocho Rios (18 Main Street, Ocho Rios) – this is a popular casino on the island’s north coast – open 24 hours, and offering 140 gaming machines. Complimentary drinks and finger food available for patrons.